Enterprise vision: create a flow of brand, build a hundred years Yu feng.
Core values: people-oriented, harmonious and win-win.
Enterprise purpose: to build a "good faith Yu Feng, harmonious Yu Feng, Yu Yu feng".
Business philosophy: to the quality of survival, integrity and development.
Safety concept: there is no more valuable than life wealth, there is no more important than the safety of happiness, security is the survival of the enterprise.
Quality policy: adhere to continuous improvement, strictly in accordance with the production of technical standards, do not produce products that do not meet the safety standards, to be responsible for the enterprise, responsible for the user, responsible for the community.
Development concept: happiness depends on honest labor to create, Yu Feng is my home, development depends on everyone,
Enterprise spirit: integrity, responsibility, gratitude, treasure.

Contact number:023-47261128 Marketing Center: Chongqing, Jiulongpo, hyupshin caiyunhu No. 1 villa building 2 production center: Shuangfu Industrial Park, the national free service hotline of Chongqing city Jiangjin: 4008221626 Fax: 023-68176488 e-mail: yufengxl@163.com

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